Parkside Village is an organization of neighbors who live in Parkside Condominium.   We noticed that all of us occasionally need help with transportation and household tasks, and that we were happy to support each other when asked.   In addition, many of us felt a need for more opportunities to interact and get to know each other better.

The cooperative neighbors helping neighbors “village” model seemed a good way to fill those needs, and we established Parkside Village as a Maryland nonprofit corporation.  Parkside Village members vary in age, cultural backgrounds, and interests, but we all are devoted to enhancing the quality of life in our Parkside neighborhood, with special attention to those aging in place.  We function as a community network that provides mutual support and helpful services as well as group and educational activities—all working together to strengthen the community.    

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The Parkside Village motto is "Neighbors Helping Neighbors", and that's what we do.

Sometimes people need a little help to get routine things done.   For example, our older neighbors may be cautious about climbing a stepladder to change a light bulb, and anyone may need to be driven someplace from time to time.  

Personal Services

We offer our members personal services provided by trained, vetted and insured volunteers from within our community.   Services evolve depending on need and volunteer capability, but they include such things as:

  • Transportation to doctor visits, shopping, etc.
  • Occasional light chores and errands
  • Phone calls and scheduled "check-in" visits
  • Help with grocery shopping and meal prep
  • Simple tech help
  • Others services as needs arise


We provide a host of services that encourage connections among our members, including such things as:

  • Meet-your-neighbor potluck dinners
  • Informative talks at Village gatherings
  • Group outings to local events and places
  • Workshops and demonstrations to learn new skills
  • Discussion groups
  • Information about local resources
  • Other event themes or topics suggested by members


Parkside Village is a membership organization.   Annual dues are $35 individual; $50 family.
Membership benefits include opportunities to:

  • Connect with neighbors and build friendships
  • Volunteer to help neighbors from time to time
  • Receive volunteer services when you need a helping hand
  • Enjoy group outings
  • Help the Village succeed by developing and coordinating village programs
Have a question? Contact us by clicking Get In Touch or call (301) 284.0560.


give a little help

To VOLUNTEER or to get more information about what we do,
call or email the Parkside Village Volunteer Coordinator.

get a little help

To REQUEST help from a volunteer for transportation or other tasks,
call or email the Parkside Village Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinator #
(202) 770.8852


A Turning Point in my Life

November 15, 2019
North Clubhouse
7 pm - 9 pm
Come tell a story about an important event in your life or just listen to others.

Parkside Village Game Night!

November 16, 2019
North Clubhouse
6 pm - 9 pm
Everyone is welcome, kids too! Bring a favorite game and come to the north clubhouse for an evening of fun!

Pot Luck - Celebrate fall!

November 17, 2019
North Clubhouse
6 pm - 9 pm
Come enjoy delicious food and conversation with your neighbors!

Membership Meeting

November 21, 2019
South Clubhouse
7 pm - 9 pm
The first Meeting for the Members - Come share your ideas with the board and other members.

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Volunteer Coordinator # (202) 770.8852